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Welcome to the Dropsource community! :wave:

This is the hub for Dropsource community activity, from our member forum to contribution channels for you to get stuck in and have in impact on the future of the platform. Check out the sections below to see what’s happening and join in! :tada:

:information_source: Hang on - What is Dropsource?

Dropsource is a mobile app development platform - try it for free!

Member Stories

Check out learnings, tips, and observations from Dropsource community members. Get in touch if you’d like to share yours! :mega:


Access community support, connect to other Dropsource developers, and get involved in the conversation on the forum. :speech_balloon:

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Have an impact on the future of the Dropsource platform! Make a feature request or register to have your say on feature developments as they happen. Help the core Dropsource team to understand your goals and feed your input into feature prioritization. :rocket:

Sneak Peeks

Register for sneak peeks of upcoming features and provide feedback that will be built into product decisions. The team will follow up to arrange sessions to show you some of what we’re working on and find out what you think.

Feature Requests

Feature requests for Dropsource plugins are logged in our public facing Trello board.

Everything you can add to your apps in Dropsource, including Elements, Actions, and SDK integrations, is provided via plugins. The Dropsource editor exposes plugins through the Elements and Settings on the left, and the Actions you can add to Events in your app. :iphone:

Dropsource Elements Dropsource Actions Elements and Actions in the Dropsource editor

Feature requests recently updated:

If you’d like to use an Element, Action / piece of native functionality, or SDK in your Dropsource app that is not currently provided - fill out the plugin request form. The Dropsource team will either add it to the board or follow up with you to pin down any required details. We’ll keep the status of each request updated in the Trello board. Please check out some guidance before submitting a feature request:

:information_source: Feature Request README

The plugin request form is not intended for Dropsource editor requests - only requests for native functionalities you want to add to the apps you build in Dropsource. In most cases you can think of plugins as what you can include in your app, not what you do inside Dropsource itself, although there are sometimes exceptions to this where an app feature would require editor development.

The Dropsource engineering team may not be able to build every plugin requested, but if there is enough demand, and a plugin has the potential to fulfill significant app use cases, we will do our best to create it for you. In the future we also plan to open our plugin system up for user contributions, so we’ll be able to work with community members to provide whatever app functionality you need to build your projects.

Please feel free to comment on existing plugin requests in the Trello board, for example if you’d like to upvote a request, please click the Vote button and create a comment outlining your intended use case(s) for the native functionality in your apps. You can also Watch the board or individual cards to receive status updates from Trello.


Check out out shareable open source resources for use in your apps, including APIs, specifications, and more. Download and remix, create issues to discuss problems or enhancements, and contribute your own edits - pull requests welcome! :octocat:

Community Learning Projects

Download, create issues, fork, and create pull requests on the Dropsource open source learning projects!

(more projects to follow)

Dropsource Activity on GitHub

Check out what’s happening with Dropsource projects on GitHub.

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